Best MBA Program in IT in EuropeBest MBA Program in IT in Europe

Best MBA Program in IT in Europe

An MBA can launch ambitious professionals into new levels of their careers, giving them new skills, experiences and networks which enhance employability – especially beneficial for those seeking work in Europe.

Glyn Estebanez, who launched his own start-up while studying Imperial’s Global Online MBA, found it perfectly tailored to his professional objectives.


INSEAD is one of the world’s premier business schools and is widely known for the diversity of its student body. Boasting campuses across Asia (Singapore and Abu Dhabi), Europe (Fontainebleau), and North America (San Francisco), INSEAD draws students from 90 different nations.

Due to this international focus, nearly all students graduate with experience working outside of their native country. Furthermore, the accelerated program enables students to return to work within just 10-months after enrolling.

The INSEAD MBA is an intensive one-year program divided into six academic periods that each last eight weeks. Students start off in “Period 0,” when business foundation courses and language classes are introduced; then core classes focus during four periods before two periods are dedicated for elective options – totalling 14 required courses across 10 subject areas, plus 75 optional ones!

INSEAD offers students multiple opportunities for personal and professional growth beyond its rigorous curriculum through its Personal Leadership Development Programme. This initiative helps students become more effective leaders by teaching them how to manage complex decisions effectively while developing emotional intelligence. Furthermore, career coaching services and support services help graduates find employment.

INSEAD offers need- and merit-based scholarships, which can be applied for through its application process. In order to apply, applicants are required to submit official transcripts, GMAT/GRE scores and language certifications as well as submit photos for consideration. They will also have to complete online video interviews with alumni.

INSEAD’s global presence is strengthened by its partnerships with top universities around the world. For instance, Tsinghua University in Beijing offers a joint degree called Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA – this joint degree can be taken at all campuses of INSEAD including France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi as well as at Tsinghua’s China campus.

2. London Business School

London Business School offers one of Europe’s premier MBA programs and draws its inspiration from its bustling home city of London. A dynamic community that encompasses cultures from around the world and provides diverse experiences to its students, London Business School is renowned for its global network, projects to help develop skills further and real-world experience opportunities for its graduates.

This school also provides an integrated education, through courses such as skills-based programming and coding classes and Global Business Perspectives classes to build cultural awareness and the understanding of different business challenges in various contexts. Furthermore, London CAP projects enable students to work on real business problems.

MBA students must take an intensive language course during the second year of study; options available to them may include Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese Mandarin and Russian. Furthermore, this school encourages its students to travel overseas as part of the degree, boasting more than 30 partner schools around the globe and reporting that more than 30% of its students spend a term studying overseas as part of their degree program.

Applying to LBS MBA requires at least three years of relevant work experience or an equivalent academic record, with full-time programs typically lasting 15-21 months and students selecting core and elective courses from among 70 available. Recent years saw over 90% of LBS graduates find employment within three months after graduation with median salaries reaching around $115,000 USD.

Sussex Palace in Marylebone, London serves as its flagship campus while an international campus can be found in Dubai. Facilities of both campuses include sports centers, restaurants and cafes – not to mention a library and privately run pub known as Windsor Castle!


The ESADE MBA offers a unique learning experience designed to foster collaborative leadership, critical thinking and communication skills. This innovative, disruptive and digitally enhanced program equips you to become a creactivist leader who can disrupt the norm while moving the boundaries forward and transform themselves and others alike.

Curriculum at HEC Montreal is well-recognized for providing an engaging blend of case discussions and lectures, making its curriculum stand out among peers. Furthermore, HEC Montreal boasts an outstanding management program and boasts over 60,000 alumni worldwide who have found great success across a wide variety of industries and are sought out by some of the world’s premier companies.

Career services provided by ESADE are outstanding, with 94% of students finding employment within three months after graduating in consulting, finance and technology sectors among others. Furthermore, flexible programs allow you to complete an MBA degree between 15-18-21 months depending on your objectives.

Poets & Quants ranks ESADE among Europe’s premier business schools for entrepreneurs, based on factors including its graduates joining start-ups or creating their own businesses, as well as professors teaching subjects related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

For admission into ESADE’s MBA, an exhaustive application process must be followed that involves providing GMAT or GRE scores, letters of recommendation, professional work experience and personal essays – including those for non-native speakers submitting IELTS scores of at least 7.0 on International English Language Testing System). After submitting their online applications and required documents to ESADE, applicants should expect further contact from them for additional details and assistance.

4. HEC Paris

HEC Paris, situated on a stunning campus near Versailles 20km away from Paris is one of Europe’s premier business schools, boasting an expansive MBA curriculum including one rated #1 worldwide by Financial Times 2023 – MiM.

HEC offers a 16-month full-time program in Business Studies which features lectures, case studies, simulations and business games as part of an engaging curriculum that features lectures, case studies, simulations and business games. Furthermore, career workshops and company visits are regularly held at HEC; plus students are strongly encouraged to include internships into their education plans.

HEC Paris graduates have long found employment with some of the world’s largest companies such as Accenture, Google, Deloitte and Bain and Company. MiM alumni boast an average weighted salary of $129,806.

HEC Paris stands out among European schools by having an unusual application process. A pre-selection jury reviews each applicant’s professional resume, academic transcripts, GMAT/GRE scores, recommendation letters and personal essays; those selected will then undergo two interviews with HEC Paris alumni who assess communication skills and leadership potential.

HEC provides scholarships as part of their application process for outstanding applicants, giving out over $8 Million in financial aid over time – one third of their MBA students receive at least some form of scholarship award, both EU and international students alike; these awards are determined based on merit and financial need, prioritising those demonstrating strong commitment to social impact.

5. SDA Bocconi

SDA Bocconi MBA program is one of the highest-ranked business schools in Europe, known for its distinctive blend of academic rigor, global exposure, and practical learning opportunities that equips its students to lead in today’s dynamic business landscape. Small classes staffed with world-renowned faculty provide an optimal learning environment. Furthermore, SDA Bocconi also offers specialization options with a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility – qualities which stand the SDA Bocconi apart.

SDA Bocconi MBA applications are extremely competitive, typically requiring an average GMAT score of 750 and five years of work experience for consideration. Furthermore, the school requires applicants to submit letters of recommendation written by a supervisor or manager who can speak about their professional and leadership capabilities and why this particular MBA program fits with their career goals.

SDA Bocconi MBA provides its applicants with outstanding career services as well as scholarships and tuition waivers to offset tuition costs. Scholarships may be awarded based on merit, financial need or any other criterion; applicants seeking funding assistance will also receive advice about potential sources of assistance from SDA Bocconi MBA.

Though SDA Bocconi MBA is a top-ranked business school, it may not be widely known outside Italy and parts of Europe. American employers may not recognize it, so international students need a plan in place for how they’ll secure employment after graduating; this may involve living abroad while working toward an MBA, finding an internship opportunity within the US, or living abroad while doing an MBA – among others things. Furthermore, other factors should also be taken into account such as duration or cost of living issues in their host country of study.

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