Top 6 Best Free Online Marketing Classes to Take in 2024Top 6 Best Free Online Marketing Classes to Take in 2024

Top 6 Best Free Online Marketing Classes to Take in 2024

Are you interested in marketing but don’t want to invest your own money? Consider one of these free programs!

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education and Copyblogger have come together to offer this free program that will assist in crafting a content strategy aligned with your business goals. Topics covered include writing for search engines, keyword research and content promotion.

1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning’s free course library offers expert-led, anytime training that fits any schedule. The structured pedagogy uses templates, quizzes and projects to ensure students fully absorb the material covered. Accessible on both tablet and phone with certificates and features that accommodate different learning styles, it has something for every learner!

This platform provides an abundance of online marketing classes for beginners and experts alike, from beginner-level lessons all the way up to advanced classes. Their curriculum emphasizes inbound marketing – which draws customers towards your business rather than interrupting them with advertisements – unlike traditional textbooks which remain static over time and fail to reflect changing trends, social media strategies or platforms.

This platform’s free digital marketing courses span all areas from social media marketing and content strategy to SEO. Their introductory classes are ideal for beginners while more advanced classes will benefit established professionals. Their social media marketing course, for instance, covers how Instagram can promote brands or services and measure results of marketing efforts as well as how Google Analytics is used as an effective data analysis tool – in addition to popular tools and tactics like Facebook ads and email marketing.

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2. Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

If you want to expand your knowledge of digital marketing but lack the time or budget to enroll in a more intensive course, this seven-course series from Google may be just what you need. It provides an introduction to digital marketing with topics including SEO basics, Google Ads management and content and social media promotion strategies.

This program features interactive video modules and assessments led by Google employees. Each module covers different aspects of digital marketing and provides tips for using Google tools to make campaigns more successful. You’ll also gain knowledge on identifying appropriate keywords for your business and optimising website for search engines.

Though this course is free, it does not provide enough depth of knowledge needed for success in digital marketing careers. While it does cover social media marketing to a certain degree, such as Facebook or Instagram advertising campaigns. Accessing the tools and platforms necessary may also prove challenging; once completed, if you complete these courses successfully you’ll earn an official certification from Google that can be displayed on both LinkedIn and resume to distinguish yourself among candidates for digital marketing jobs; additionally it can also be added to Skillshop profiles as evidence of knowledge in digital marketing.

3. Skillshop

Google Skillshop offers an intensive digital marketing training platform designed to help you master digital strategies. The platform teaches the fundamentals and significance of digital marketing – content marketing, SEO/SEM/affiliate/automated/pay-per-click marketing as well as pay-per-click/affiliate marketing etc – including advanced courses such as social media/email/push marketing etc – plus certifications which will boost your professional standing within this sector of industry.

This online learning platform provides a diverse selection of marketing courses tailored for beginners through advanced levels, from beginners such as Analytics Academy to AdWords Academy, that will enable you to improve your business strategy and the performance of your company.

Skillshop provides courses and resources free of charge; however, for optimal results it’s advisable to add in other online resources and practical experience to stay ahead of the competition.

Google Skillshop stands out from competing platforms by being completely free for users. Offering courses spanning digital marketing to web development and teaching you how to implement these topics into real life scenarios. Furthermore, this platform enables you to save and resume at any time – helping you to reach your goals more quickly and efficiently!

4. Copyblogger

Copyblogger was launched in January 2006 as an invaluable source of knowledge and resources for content creators both new and established alike. Their insightful commentary into blogging and writing online have proven instrumental in growing many websites into profitable ventures.

Even today, their articles cover everything from how to best utilize Twitter to overcoming writer’s block. Their website’s content is well organized and informative with natural thematic breaks as well as links for further reading.

Copyblogger offers both free and paid membership options with benefits including live Q&A sessions, accountability exercises and more. Copyblogger’s content writing lessons help create search-friendly writing, while its SEO and marketing strategies ensure visitors stay longer on your pages.

Pathrise offers an intensive digital marketing course for those wanting more in-depth training, including an engaging 1-on-1 mentoring program that assists students and professionals alike with building portfolios, preparing for technical interviews and behavioral interviews, negotiating salaries and more. Topics covered by this course include social media marketing, eCommerce and Google Ads.

5. Unbounce

Unbounce is an intuitive landing page builder with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and a variety of templates. Users can test different variations using A/B testing to enable data-driven decision making and gain insight into key metrics, including conversion rates. Furthermore, Unbounce’s robust analytics features allow marketers to monitor key performance indicators like conversion rates as well as connect their pages with CRM systems or email marketing software platforms.

Unbounce’s Smart Traffic feature uses AI to automatically direct visitors towards variants of pages based on their likelihood to convert, with dynamic text replacement replacing certain phrases with search terms from visitors in order to enhance relevance and increase click-through rate. Furthermore, Unbounce allows users to create popups or sticky bars which can help capture leads or promote special offers on websites.

Unbounce makes learning digital marketing even more beneficial by regularly updating its courses, so students are ensured they have access to the most up-to-date information regarding trends, strategies, and platforms – something which is especially crucial given how fast marketing moves! Furthermore, Unbounce’s customer support is outstanding with a vibrant community always on hand to answer questions, share scripts or provide hacks to get the most out of their platform.

6. Buffer

Buffer can help both solopreneurs who manage multiple accounts across several social media platforms and larger agencies streamline their marketing workflows. You can schedule posts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok from one central dashboard while monitoring performance through simple analytics reports.

With this free version of this tool, you can connect three social media accounts and schedule up to ten posts each month across them all. In addition, it includes calendar view and basic analytics reporting (reach, retweets, likes, replies and clicks) but unfortunately does not include listening capabilities or team management features.

Buffer Pro accounts offer more comprehensive features. With these plans, unanswered comments appear in a grid display on a dashboard, and you can schedule up to 15 posts on each account at once. In addition, detailed analytics for your Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as Pablo image creation tools will all be provided.

With this tool’s paid version, you can manage up to 30 social media accounts from one dashboard – an impressive leap over its free counterpart! Additionally, this plan provides advanced analytics for each account as well as options to assign different teams to individual posts.


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