Part time work from home in EuropePart time work from home in Europe

Part time work from home in Europe 2024

Job Opportunity: Data Contributor

Position: Data Contributor

Location: Greece (Remote) Engagement Model: Task-Based

DataForce, a division of TransPerfect, is currently seeking individuals to participate in our Photo Collection Project.

Task Overview:

We are looking for enthusiastic participants who will be rewarded for sharing photos depicting various hobbies, indoor and outdoor activities. Each participant can upload up to 30 photos per category, provided that the photos are captured on the same day.

Feel free to share pictures across multiple categories, as we offer a diverse selection of over 100 options. Best Part time work from home in greece and whole europe.


  • Age: 18 years or older
  • Residence: Greece
  • Device: IOS device (iPhone or iPad) for photo capture
  • Timeline: Only photos taken before October 1, 2023, will be considered
  • Source: Photos sourced from the internet will not be accepted


  • USD 1 per accepted photo
  • Payment Methods: Choose between PayPal or Gift Card based on your preference

If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at Our team is ready to assist you! We will provide you Part time work from home in greece and Europe.

About DataForce by TransPerfect:

DataForce is a proud member of the TransPerfect family of companies, recognized as the world’s largest provider of language and technology solutions for global businesses, with a presence in over 100 cities worldwide.

Our focus at DataForce is to provide top-tier data for Human-Machine Interaction, catering to some of the most esteemed technology companies globally. We specialize in collecting, enriching, and processing data for Machine Learning in various AI domains. Join us in contributing to the advancement of technology! Apply now Part time work from home jobs.

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