Free Delivery boy job in Athens Gyzi athens greeceFree Delivery boy job in Athens Gyzi athens greece

Delivery boy job in Athens Gyzi Athens Greece

DISTRIBUTOR with his motorbike is wanted by a steakhouse on ave. Alexandras in Gyzi for part-time employment. +302106426039

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In Greece, there are several job websites and platforms where you can find delivery boy positions. Here are some popular ones:

  1. This is a well-known Greek job portal that covers a wide range of job opportunities, including delivery and courier jobs. You can visit their website to search for relevant positions.
  2. Ergodotisi is another prominent job portal in Greece. It features job listings in various industries, including delivery and logistics. You can use their search filters to find relevant positions.
  3. is a Greek platform that provides information on various services, including jobs. It may have listings for delivery positions. Check their website for job opportunities.
  4. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a global professional networking platform, and many companies in Greece post their job openings there. You can search for delivery boy positions in Athens or other cities on LinkedIn.
  5. Glassdoor: Glassdoor is known for company reviews, but it also has a job search feature. You can use it to find delivery-related jobs in Greece and read reviews about potential employers.
  6. Jooble: Jooble is a job search engine that aggregates job listings from various websites. You can use it to search for delivery jobs in Greece, and it will provide results from multiple sources.
  7. is a job search website that covers various industries, including logistics and delivery. You can search for delivery-related positions on their platform.
  8. Monster Greece: Monster is a global job search platform, and it has a section dedicated to jobs in Greece. You can search for delivery positions on Monster’s website.

Remember to use relevant keywords like “delivery,” “courier,” or “driver” when searching for these positions on job websites. Additionally, consider checking the websites of specific delivery service providers such as Uber Eats, Wolt, Glovo, or local courier companies, as they may have job listings on their platforms.



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