Free Digital Marketing Courses Certified by Google 2024Free Digital Marketing Courses Certified by Google 2024

Free Digital Marketing Courses Certified by Google

Master the basics of digital marketing to develop winning online strategies. Gain access to cutting-edge tools and techniques for analyzing customer data in order to optimize advertising campaigns.

Start or advance your career today by taking one of these free courses with Google certification – they’re here for all levels! All it takes is some dedication and hard work on your part.

1. Getting Started with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to using online channels for promotional or marketing purposes, including websites and search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, paid ads placement and content marketing. Businesses increasingly rely on this form of promotion so skilled digital marketers are in great demand; taking a free digital marketing course could give you an advantage in the job market and further your career goals.

LinkedIn Learning offers an expansive series of courses covering the fundamentals of digital marketing. Taught by industry experts and including hands-on exercises and case studies as well as quizzes to test understanding, these courses are ideal for beginners looking to begin digital marketing.

eMarketing Institute is another excellent option, offering free courses on SEO, affiliate marketing and blogging as well as how to develop effective email marketing campaigns.

Alison offers free online courses on digital marketing designed with business needs in mind and featuring modules on e-commerce, analytics and marketing strategy. Plus it provides certification upon course completion!

One of the most acclaimed courses on Coursera is “Marketing in a Digital World.” This course provides marketers with an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing’s emergence as an alternative way of reaching customers, as well as new strategies that are revolutionizing this sector of marketing.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is an essential digital marketing skill, used to drive traffic and expand brand recognition. In this free course, you will learn how to optimize your website for search engines by targeting specific keywords within content pieces and strategically using them within them. In addition, we will discuss tracking results using Google Analytics.

Coursera’s free digital marketing course is an excellent way to start exploring digital marketing. Comprised of several short courses developed by top universities, you will learn all about its fundamental concepts – all while taking lessons at your own pace and earning a certificate upon completion!

Udemy is another well-recognized online learning platform offering digital marketing courses for free. These include courses on topics such as e-commerce, social media marketing, SEO email blogging analytics. Each lesson features quizzes and exercises designed to aid learning; upon completing them you’ll receive a certificate that adds significant value to your CV.

eMarketing Institute is another free digital marketing course provider. Their courses focus on building essential digital marketing skills for a successful career; there are courses on e-commerce, digital marketing and local online marketing available here. Taking these courses can help start or refresh your digital marketing skills as a great way to launch or retool for a career or job in this sector.

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3. Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is an expansive field that requires professionals to keep learning new techniques. If you are an aspiring marketing manager or simply wanting to increase your knowledge about online marketing, enrolling in a free digital marketing course may be the answer. These courses provide participants with essential tools, frameworks, and strategies needed to succeed in digital marketing environments.

Udemy offers numerous free courses designed specifically to support novice learners who want to get right in at the start. Their short lessons and quizzes make learning at your own pace possible while providing a certificate upon completing each course.

Learning internet marketing through Copyblogger courses is another effective method. These daily 20-day courses cover copywriting best practices to help create engaging and original content for social media.

This course from Google Digital Marketing Specialization is perfect for anyone who’s curious to gain more knowledge of applying modern marketing techniques to their business. Learn how to switch up traditional approaches in favor of a customer-first strategy with this digital-first course!

The course features real-life projects and virtual simulations taught by world-class instructors from top universities like University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and National Research University Higher School of Economics. When complete, you’ll earn a professional certificate to advance your career prospects.

4. Google AdWords

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving landscape, filled with tools and strategies that are constantly shifting. Marketers need to stay abreast of these innovations through free online courses covering different aspects of digital marketing; some provide general overviews while others develop in-demand skills.

eMarketing Institute is an extremely reputable site that offers numerous free courses designed to improve marketing strategy and put you ahead of competitors. From email marketing basics, SEO strategies and budget social media initiatives – there’s even an optional certification course on each topic!

Alison offers over 250 free digital marketing courses, making them a perfect resource for general understanding. They also feature more soft skills training than specific platforms – making Alison courses great options for learners just starting out in digital marketing.

Google offers digital marketing courses for anyone seeking an introduction to this field. Their courses are short, simple to follow, and feature interactive exercises and quizzes as well as certificates for completion – making this an excellent option for career advancement or starting your own business!

5. Google Analytics

Digital marketing continues to develop at an ever-increasing rate, and new tools and trends emerge every day. To stay ahead of these changes, marketers must be adept at analyzing data and making sound decisions quickly. In this course, learn how to utilize Google Analytics to track marketing efforts and optimize campaigns efficiently.

No matter your level of marketing experience, this free course will get you acquainted with Google Analytics 4. It aims to take a guided tour through its interface and explain various metrics while giving practical examples on how it can be implemented for your business.

With more marketing professionals turning to online education for professional development, eMarketing Institute has quickly become one of the go-to sources for digital marketing courses. Offering short video tutorials you can take at your own pace, their certification courses offer marketers looking to add extra professionalism to their resumes.

General Assembly is another excellent option for online digital marketing training, offering courses from social media marketing to SEO for free, as well as more advanced classes and specializations that prepare you for specific roles within the industry. They also hold events that cover specific aspects of digital marketing – for beginners in particular their “Digital Marketing Fundamentals” event is popular as it gives a comprehensive overview of different aspects related to this career field and sets them up for success!



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