Top 10 Best MBA Programs in ConnecticutTop 10 Best MBA Programs in Connecticut

Top 10 Best MBA Programs in Connecticut 2024

An MBA program in Connecticut can open doors to career advancement and professional growth beyond simply earning a graduate degree.

Fairfield University’s MBA program consistently ranks highly among grad school rankings. Students may take in-person, online and hybrid classes.

The FLEX MBA allows prospective students to begin taking classes before applying through the Non-Degree application process.

1. University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut provides an online MBA program to meet the needs of students around the globe, which is accredited by AACSB and integrates business fundamentals with STEM specialized theories.

This school boasts a vibrant alumni network and is recognized for its academic excellence, boasting campuses located between Boston and New York City.

Connecticut is home to numerous rapidly developing industries, such as finance and insurance. An MBA with a finance or risk management concentration will equip you to excel in these sectors, while healthcare administration offers endless possibilities. By earning an MBA degree you can capitalize on this growth and increase your earning potential while honing decision-making and problem solving abilities that will serve you for life.

2. University of Bridgeport

Established as a four-year private school in 1851, University of Bridgeport is today an award-winning regional university offering both undergraduate and graduate programs across several academic fields and highly diverse racial demographics. Students may select their majors and concentrations within business fields of study at this top rated educational facility.

Our MBA program has been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – an achievement achieved by less than 15% of business schools globally.

When choosing an MBA program, it is essential to keep several things in mind when making your selection. First and foremost is curriculum compatibility, followed by school reputation and alumni networks in business. Tuition should fit within your budget, with special consideration given for financial aid or scholarships available through each program.

3. Quinnipiac University

Business degrees remain one of the most sought-after college majors, as they can offer graduates excellent starting salaries and career prospects upon graduating.

Quinnipiac University stands out among Connecticut MBA programs by providing an extensive curriculum with multiple concentrations. Furthermore, this school also offers internship and study abroad experiences for its students across its five schools: Business, Computing & Engineering; Communications; Health Sciences; Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Although renowned as an expensive school, many students report it’s well worth the expense based on internship and scholarship opportunities available to them as well as quality of education received at this institution. With excellent reputations in communications, business, health science as well as stunning campus landscapes featuring friendly students. Their faculty are always there when needed too!

4. University of Connecticut at Storrs

The University of Connecticut at Storrs offers an impressive variety of MBA concentrations and certificates, in addition to dual degree programs like MS, MD, MPH and MPA degrees. Their campus in Storrs is accredited by AACSB and provides an exceptional MBA experience with strong industry connections through the University of Connecticut Network.

UConn students enjoy an energetic school spirit, offering them access to events, activities and academic communities across campus. Although UConn can seem intimidating at first, once you find your niche – whether that be with friends, organizations or clubs or your residential community – becoming involved becomes easier.

Meet other business professionals and make invaluable connections here, while students can gain work experience through University of Connecticut internship and career placement services.

5. University of Connecticut at Stamford

The University of Connecticut at Stamford offers several MBA programs, such as its FLEX MBA that allows students to complete their degree in as little as two years by either attending classes online or on campus. The university also offers merit scholarships to help offset expenses for its best and brightest students.

Our Master of Business Administration program is accredited by AACSB International and features an innovative curriculum that draws upon both local and global perspectives. In addition, all students participate in a required global business trip to gain first-hand experience of real business operations.

UConn offers numerous graduate business certificates and doctoral degrees in areas like accounting, financial risk management, business analytics, and analytics programming – giving students the skills necessary to stand out in any professional environment. UConn consistently receives top marks from notable publications like US News and World Report, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek in ranking their school.

6. University of Connecticut at New Haven

The University of Connecticut at New Haven boasts an AACSB-accredited business school that offers students an all-encompassing education. Its small student enrollment size allows for close collaboration with professors and an intimate classroom experience; furthermore, many clubs and organizations provide community service opportunities.

The school is well known for its focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, with course options and content reflecting this commitment. Furthermore, student life at this university is vibrant; taking advantage of various study abroad programs available through it provides students with invaluable experiences.

Another excellent feature of the school is its low tuition fees, making it an attractive choice for business students looking for maximum value for their dollar. They offer multiple MBA programs including one specifically aimed at executives.

7. University of Connecticut at New London

Selecting an MBA program requires more than considering tuition fees and curriculum alone; return on investment should play an essential part of evaluation of potential programs.

Connecticut offers MBA graduates specializing in finance or risk management abundant opportunities, while also boasting an expanding healthcare industry that requires many administrators and managers.

Conn’s reputation in the Northeast is unsurpassed, especially among hirers in “the know.” However, the city can sometimes feel like an isolated world; it may be difficult for students to escape its walls and experience culture and excitement beyond its confines – yet these efforts will pay off with an unforgettable MBA experience!

8. University of Connecticut at Stamford

UConn Stamford provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to pursue an MBA degree while immersing themselves in one of America’s most vibrant business communities. Students gain hands-on experience working alongside industry leaders and learn how to implement newfound knowledge with internships and field placements.

At its four campuses, this university offers full and part-time programs as well as dual degrees and executive MBAs with customizable curriculums designed to facilitate team collaboration in order to equip its students with all of the skills they require for success in today’s business environments.

Are you curious to gain more information on Connecticut’s premier graduate business schools? Below is a table that contains vital data on each institution, such as annual in-state tuition costs, average aid per student, acceptance rates and SAT and ACT score ranges. Click any column header to sort by specific factors – alternatively use the search bar to filter by program type.

9. University of Connecticut at New Haven

The University of Connecticut at New Haven boasts an acclaimed MBA program with an expansive curriculum and tailored learning opportunities, such as STEM-designated concentration. Students may select one of eight programs of study; service learning activities; faculty-led research projects; internships; global immersion courses and the Shared Live Client Experience are among other experiences provided to them.

The full-time MBA program at UConn is one of only two in Connecticut and less than 30 nationally to offer STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) certified concentrations, giving students a competitive advantage when building a portfolio of skills that support their career aspirations whether that means following a passion, starting a business venture, or progressing further in current careers.

UConn’s MBA programs are proudly accredited by AACSB and strive to offer outstanding student support, mentoring and advising services. Furthermore, our MBA program can be taken in various formats to accommodate any schedule.

10. University of Connecticut at Stamford

Connecticut offers numerous opportunities for MBA graduates with expertise in finance and insurance to find work. Furthermore, its fast-growing healthcare sector presents numerous roles suitable for business management graduates.

UConn-Stamford’s MBA program stands out as being innovative because of its structured internship component that marries classroom learning with real world work experience. Furthermore, this is one of only two in Connecticut and less than 30 programs nationwide to hold AACSB accreditation, which means it meets stringent academic standards.

Established in 1951, this university offers undergraduate degrees in American studies, communication studies, computer science digital media design, English, financial management, history, human development and family sciences as well as political science. Graduate programs available include Master of Business Administration and Master of Financial Risk Management degrees.

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